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Brand Identity

A hypothetical but creative brand, Arbor Barber is a cutting-edge brand that offers a haircut experience that
is one of a kind. The owner, having migrated from Portugal, grew up training and practicing by cutting the
bark off cork trees. The process of cutting the bark off cork trees is a delicate and learned art. This precision technique is carried over into their straight razor shave.  Arbor Barber provides you with the cleanest grooming experience being performed with a one of a kind hand-axe that gives the barber razor-sharp precision. The brand has a masculine mark that stands out as the logo. The design also features signage for their brick and mortar locations based in Pennsylvania. 

Arbor Barber Logo
Arbor Barber Storefront
Arbor Barber Stickers
Arbor Barber Business Cards


For educational purposes only.

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